Take a deep breath,
Allow yourself to feel,
Let yourself be in control,
Try to remember what is real.

Who knows if you were hurt,
Or simply off your meds,
No one called you crazy,
At least no one as yet!

Feel the flow of happy,
The adrenaline in your veins,
Is it an anxiety attack,
Or does your heart just pain.

Keep things simple is what they say,
They say it's easier that way,
But for a girl that's way to broken,
In this world, she cannot stay.

Is she thinking suicide,
Or the rate of things these days,
I'll let you think about it,
Cuz it can be taken in many ways.

Is she sad or just crying?
Do we ever really know,
Did someone she love die,
Or did the pain she felt just grow.

We all have our opinions,
On people we don't know,
You'll watch this girl and think she's happy,
When really she doesn't know.

You're feeling what she's feeling
But don't let them judge you,
You alone could understand,
You alone can say whats true.

Are you feeling sad, or is it just a thought!
Maybe you were happy,
Happier than now,
But now you feel so many things, you start to question how!

How to be happy, and how to really know
If you're happy, sad, delusional,
You should know what you feel
But if you second guess yourself, maybe you're just angry!