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Okay, this tag is literally everywhere. I've been wanting to write one since ages ago but I just did not have a chance to do so, either that or I just keep forgetting and ended up writing other stuff instead.

Please do not mind me, but my imagination is a little wild, I mean our imaginations are infinite right...? This is not exactly who I imagine myself to be, it's just that there's a whole world living inside my head and this is how I imagine the main character will be like. I lowkey wish someone could read my mind and turn it into an actual movie lol. A little too ambitious girl...

But anyways, long post ahead, I thought it's about time I pour everything that I've been imagining for years.

Basic Info

Name | Tanya Frost

snow, winter, and road image snow, nature, and mountains image
why? I have no idea..

Age | 19, a Leo

girl, summer, and style image beauty, girl, and girls image
warm-hearted, strong, independent

Princess | She lives in East Xedaetus

castle, winter, and snow image blue, indie, and fresh image
Welcome to my imaginary world || Tanya was a princess born in West Xedaetus, however, she had to flee to the east in order to stay alive and protected.
eyes, beautiful, and eye image fashion, girl, and outfit image
brown, wavy hair || amber eyes, however, eye colour changes depending on the mood || 170cm, slim
tattoo, girl, and hair image black and white, tattoo, and coordinates image
tattoos of the coordinates of her home and the death anniversaries or her father and older brother (the late king and crown prince of West Xedaetus)
Image by xxnnxxnxxnx Image by xxnnxxnxxnx Image by xxnnxxnxxnx dress, wedding, and white image
royal and formal events
Image removed fashion, girl, and jeans image style, supreme, and tumblr image bff, clothes, and fashion image
ripped jeans || oversized hoodies, most of them are usually stolen from her friends || extremely boyish, absolutely hate skirts and dresses, no makeup, but she doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to royal events
Personality || Powers
summer, girl, and beach image beach and summer image
Both an extrovert and introvert, depends on her mood. She's pretty crazy when she's with her close ones, but she tends to keep her feelings bottled up. || Over-protective, selfless, over-thinking, competitive
Image by xxnnxxnxxnx Image by xxnnxxnxxnx cold, touch, and cryokinesis image Temporarily removed
werewolf, part of the royal pack || ice manipulation a.k.a cryokinesis
Family and Friends
boy, Hot, and freckles image cole sprouse, dylan sprouse, and boy image beauty, girl, and black and white image ethan dolan, boy, and ethan image
(top, left) Caiden 26, brother's best friend, crown prince of East Xedaetus || (top, right) Andre 25 and Andrew 25, 2/3 of the triplets || (bottom, left) Andrea 25, 1/3 of the triplets, fiance of Caiden || (bottom, right) Malvin 23 || They are all werevoles with individual powers too.Tanya grew up with them together with her brother, all of them were like siblings to her. Caiden is extremely protective of her, especially after his best friend's death.
black and white, manu rios, and boys image couple, love, and boy image
(left) Mark 19, Malvin's younger brother, Tanya's best friend || Tanya and Mark are almost inseparable, partners in crime
reign, francis, and adelaide kane image castle, arquitectura, and castillo image
King and Queen of East Xedaetus, Caiden's parents (just imagine them looking a little older lmao) || after the tragic incident, they took Tanya in and raised her like their own.
Pets a.k.a Tanya's children
Image by Bren Image by MischiefMe wolf, animal, and hipster image horse, pink, and white image
(from left to right) Claudia, white tiger || Chalmers, polar bear || Cameron, wolf || Celestial, pegasus || let's just imagine them a little more ferocious looking
fitness, girl, and workout image fitness, beach, and fit image
working out, fighting, constantly trying to make herself stronger in order to achieve her goal
cave, dark, and rock image abandoned, adventure, and childhood image
exploring, discovering new places with Mark, making those new places into their secret hideouts
girl, grunge, and pink image neon and care image
love disguising as a commoner and sneaking out to clubs and parties at night. 70% chance of getting drunk and probably cause trouble outside, always calling Mark or Malvin to come save her ass. Because they are the most trustworthy people to keep it a secret from Caiden. Andrew would be too lazy to look for you and Andre would just blackmail you.

She lives in a palace, of course. Since the palace is huge af, Mark and Tanya have a small (not really small, but you get what I mean) part of the palace to themselves. The building that they have is four stories high plus a rooftop

Image by 🌸 bedroom, luxury, and room image clothes, closet, and room image bathroom, luxury, and white image
her bedroom, her closet and bathroom
Image by chrysocolla cinema, decor, and dream home image gym, fitness, and house image belgium, decor, and design image
library, theatres, gym, wine cellar (one of Tanya's favourite places where she stores all her favourite alcohol)
house image slide, fun, and house image home elevators image home, house, and kitchen image
living room with a totally unnecessary slide from the third to the spa pool on the ground floor, kitchen and elevator because they are just that lazy.
house, pool, and luxury image home, house, and luxury image light, home, and decor image Image by juliettejoyce
outdoor pool, rooftop and of course, rooms for Tanya's children
Quotes she lives by
motivational, quotes, and self love image quotes, warrior, and words image quotes, book, and poetry image quotes, Dream, and passion image
Her Goal
quotes, book, and words image fur and girl image
to return home and take back what is truly hers, the throne that belongs to her father and meant for her brother || let Xedaetus be one again instead of being separated

That was one long ass ride of my imagination. Thanks for reading till the end. Any writers out there, whether if it's on wattpad or whatever, if you are ever interested in turning my little imagination into a book, hmu. This is just the surface of the world I have in my head, there's really a lot more in this.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!!

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