We always dreamed abut this better life, we always felt it coming all along
~Icona Pop

Hey, today I'm writing about my goals for this summer and hopefully they can be yours as well. Enjoy guys <3

To be healthier

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Now that I have time, I really want to work on my health and body

If you want some exercises and motivation, check out the collection above :)
Also, there are some really good ones on youtube, I recommend
Love Sweat Fitness

Improve selfcare

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We deserve to treat ourselves after making it through a long and stressful year of school

Some articles that go more in detail are below, so check them out too and give a little love

Try New Things

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Omgg... I live in The Bahamas where it is possible to swim with pigs and dolphins and eat sushi, but I haven't and I really want to.

Hang out with friends

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Being with them makes me happy, and that's what summer is all about.

Thank you soo much for reading! This is the first article in the "Summer Feelin" series, and I really hope you like it.
Have an amazing summer,
xoxo Eden

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