You know how you're just reading this really good book and you fall in love with the main character or the supporting character? And then you're caught in this one sided love kind of like thing and you don't want to put down the book cause then it's like saying good bye to that character.
That's how I feel about a certain someone. That's right, not a book character, a human being who breathes and feels.

The only reason why I compared this to a book is because it's like I'm the reader and I'm over here trying to interact and trying my very best to shower the character with my love and affection but they can't see or feel it.
Good lord. I'm so in love with this girl I'm practically heads over heels for her.
I want her to know how much she really means to me but I don't want to bother her.
Ahhhh, this warm and crazy feeling is killing me inside.

자기야, 사랑해~♥