We Thought We Were in Love but We Were Only Kids.

When we were together for the first time,
something inside me disappeared.
I dare to say, something inside me died.

You touched me, and I fell in love,
you kissed me, and I didn’t know what to do,
the next morning, all of that, was gone.

I wasn’t that in love, but I only cared the first time,
the second I just didn’t care,
the third one was… the best.

I thought we were in love, but that didn’t matter,
I felt dirty, I felt used, but the one who did it,
who hurt the other like that, was me.

I missed you the first days,
then I didn’t,
but then I did it again.

My feelings were confused,
was it love? Was it something else?
Was I just horny and forgot who you were?

I panicked, was I a player?
was my own orgasm the prize?
was your heart the game?

I didn’t like when we were holding hands,
I felt uncomfortable when you kissed me,
but it felt so right when you were undressing me.

Was I playing with your feelings?
Was my mind solving a riddle?
Was my heart blinding itself?

I still remember the night you told me
that you knew I wasn’t into you,
that you knew my love for you was all gone.

And I’d like to you to know it before,
because when we had our first time together,
my love for you, was already on the floor.

Any thoughts on this poem?

Lots of Love, Cat.