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Today a bunch of us are launching a collaboration! These girls are amazing at writing articles so go follow them! Each of us all covered a different topic about a girlboss lifestyle.

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Nicky Knols
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the hardest part of my morning routine is waking up. I tend to get up at 6, however I know a lot of girl bosses like to start their morning at 5ish. In order to figure out what the best time for you to wakeup is, figure out how much sleep you need and what time you go to bed.

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the next thing in my routine is to check my social medias. Obviously this isn't a necessity but I know pretty much everyone does this. If you're someone who likes to wake up at the last minute, not checking your phone right away can give you an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning.

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when I finally decide it's time to get up, the first thing I do is get dressed. Honestly, a lot of people eat breakfast or make coffee before getting dressed, but I believe its so much better to get ready first. It's so much more helpful in case you need to leave early or you're already late, and you just never know what could happen that will make you rush to get ready.

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Once I get dressed I do my makeup, wash my face, brush/do my hair, etc. For me it takes around 15 minutes to do everything, so I make sure I have plenty of time in the morning. This can also play a factor into what time you should wakeup.

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The most important part of my routine is having coffee. Even though I get plenty of sleep, coffee just gives me that extra boost, and I love the flavor. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so never skip it! I tend to reach for fruit because it's easy and fills me up, and also good for you! Also- I'm planning to make an article on quick breakfast meals so look out for that.

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once I'm done eating, it's normally time to leave. It is so important to be on time and fully prepared for things as a girlboss! I can't express how much I hate when people are late or unprepared. It's so easy to just plan and not depend on others to get things done.

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Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoy this article & the others within this collab, the girls did such an amazing job and they're so talented. I'm looking forward to doing another collab sometime, so message me if you're interested!

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