1. Favorite Album?

My favorite album and era of hers is definitely My Everything. It's a no skip album and it's so amazing. I love the vibes it gives off.

ariana grande, my everything, and ariana image ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image

2. Favorite Music Video?

Into You has a storyline and is interesting which I love. No Tears Left To Cry is simply amazing. The effects, the scenery. It's all so unique and different.

arianagrande and ariannabuterra image ariana grande, no tears left to cry, and ariana image

3. Favorite songs from Yours Truly?

My top three are Daydreamin', Honeymoon Avenue, and Tattooed Heart.

ariana grande, ariana, and singing image ariana grande, yours truly, and ariana image

4. Favorite songs from My Everything?

My top three for My Everything are Only 1, Best Mistake, and Intro.

ariana, ariana grande, and rare image ariana grande image

5. Favorite songs from Dangerous Woman?

My top three Dangerous Woman tracks are Touch It, Step On Up, and Bad Decisions.

ariana grande image Image by arzu

6. Favorite Christmas Song?

I have a lot but I would have to say True Love. I love it a lot and it's my favorite from Christmas & Chill.

ariana grande and jingleball image ariana grande and jingleball image

7. Song you wish was a single?

Definitely Bad Decisions! It really went with Dangerous Woman and I had the perfect music video idea for it. She could've been really creative with it.

ariana grande, ariana, and dangerous woman image icon, dwt, and ️agb image

8. Most underrated song which you love?

Definitely Only 1, which is my favorite song from Ariana. It's so underrated and amazing. I personally think it's the best song off of My Everything.

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