Hi everyone!
I've been reading a lot of articles about "If I were on..." an have decided to write one myself.


Juliette Bellerose. The name Juliette means Jupiter's daughter and her surname, Bellerose, means beautiful rose.


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I was born in Paris, France on 21st of April, 1558. I grew up at the court of France, for my parents were Mary, queen of Scots and Francis, king of France.


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I was only 2 years old when my father died and 19 when my mother passed away. Igrieved for both of them, even though I didn't really know my father. My mother and I were extremely close and so her passing was really hard on me. My brother, well half-brother wanted to humiliate me and kick me out of the country because I had no one anymore so I ran away before he had the chance and found shelter in a cottage. There I met Kol, Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson. We spent a few days there and Kol and I fell in love. I didn't tell him I was a runaway princess, but a more believeble and suitable story - that my parents tried to force me into marriage. He asked me if I would go to England with him and I gladly said yes. I knew what he was, but didn't say anything and so the last night of our stay in France he turned me.I also didn't really share with many people that I am a hybrid (whitch and vampire).


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A true beauty - has tanned, clean skin, beautiful tall, skinny body, long legs, beautiful plump lips, medium to long wavy brown hair, brown eyes


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I love dancing, music, conecting with the elements, readin, paintig/drawing, singing, writing, watching movies/TV shows, learning new things/languages, designing clothes, traveling


I'm really stubborn, was born a taurus. I'm kind, generous, good, brave and when I'm angry I have a really bad temper. I usually say things I mean and would do anything for my friends. I am very friendly, positive and a HUGE romantic, until I am angry, upset or sad. The bad feelings get the worst of me and the good one get the best of me.


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I wear what I feel. It cannot be chatagorised, 'cause I'm a trendsetter. One day I coud dress something girly and classy, and another day I'm a tomboy.


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One of my closest friends are Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore. I have a lot of other friends, like Stefan, Rebekah and Elijah. My love interests would be Kol in the beginning, but when I'd move on from him I'd start falling for my long time friend, Damon.

so there you have it, maybe in another liftime!:)