express your emotions

honestly do whatever makes you release your emotions. Cry, drink, party! just concentrate on moving on and getting over it. Remember why the relationship/friendship is over and think about how you're better without them!

although you may feel the need to 'vent' about them or badmouth them, DONT!

you'll be seen as negative and petty, it'll make you look like you're in the wrong and will give that person satisfaction to know it's getting to you so badly.

hang out with friends and family

it hurts to loose a best friend and/or a partner, and sometimes you can get lonely and feel like you have no one but remember you always have other friends and your family! go out with them and do something fun, it'll distract you and make you feel better!

pamper yourself!

go get your nails done, have. massage, go for a relaxing bath, go shopping, treat yourself to a new mask, cuddle your pet, do whatever makes you feel goooood!

concentrate in nurturing new friendships

it's important to make efforts with new people and be kind to everyone, if you try to make new friends it'll make you feel better about yourself and you can start again with a new friend!

hope this helped, and just remember its not the end of the world!! your heart may be breaking but it will get better just remember to stay strong and rise above it! good luck my lovelies x