i decided to join the "if i were..." tag! i couldn't find the original creator, so if you made thsi tag feel free to message me and i'll give you credit. enjoy!

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✾ | a flower

daisies, flowers, and Meg Ryan image daisy and flower image
i would definitely be a daisy because they remind me of my favorite book, Looking For Alaska.

✾ | a color

yellow, girl, and lemon image yellow and flowers image
i think i would be yellow. i adore the color. i even have a collection dedicated to it. feel free to check it out ↓

✾ | a song

quotes, one direction, and Lyrics image one direction, liam payne, and louis tomlinson image
the first song that came to mind was "what a feeling" by one direction. i don't listen to a lot of one direction, but i love this song. it makes me feel like i'm on a cloud haha.

✾ | a season

autumn, book, and candle image autumn, fall, and leaves image
i love the season autumn. i have a whole collection on it. feel free to check it out ↓

✾ | a tattoo

Image by Intricate Syndacate Image by ikhlas b`en a°mor
i would be a planet tattoo because i love space.

✾ | a drink

lemon, drink, and water image Image by Polina_Koroleva_13
i would be fruit water. i especially love lemon and orange water.

✾ | a quote

quotes, flowers, and words image
i love this quote. i first saw it when i was in a dark place, and it really helped me!

✾ | a book

bibliophile, books, and bookworm image aesthetics, alternative, and indie image
i would be my favorite book, Looking For Alaska.

✾ | a feeling

sunshine and love image girl, good morning, and beyoncé image
i would be happniess!


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mia ✦✰
mia ✦✰