1. Groupe Name :

carpe diem, wallpaper, and background image carpe diem, gif, and seize the day image
Carpe Diem

2. Genre :

boa, tonight, and jiwon image japanese, e-girls, and jpop image
Something like "Tonight" of Spica, "Crying" of Stellar and E-Girls (jpop). Something fresh, love and peace concept, and little sexy.

3. Fandom Name :

dreamer, Dream, and sky image Dream, love, and quote image

4. Group Members :

cathy, DIA, and girl image ulzzang, asian, and girl image
7 girls

5. Physiques

girl and ulzzang image Image by AIZAWA 1992 beauty, longhair, and asian image Image by AIZAWA 1992

6. Style

fashion, style, and gucci image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image asian fashion, casual, and clothes image
Casual and cosy

7. Stage Name : Mimi

8. Full Name : Ohara Mirai

9. Position : Lead Vocal

10. Nationality :

japan and girl image spring, city, and japan image

11. Zodiac Sign : Aquarius

12. Height : 163cm

13. Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan

aesthetic, music, and mic image city, japon, and karaoke image boxes, fashion, and juicy couture image girl, sleep, and bed image
14. Hobbies : Singing, karaoke, shopping, sleeping, coloring book

15. Personnality : Strong, Friendly, positive, kind of stupid, funny without knowing it.

16. Special Skill :

fitness, motivation, and run image lost in translation, her, and lost image
Athletism, Languages speaking (Japaneses, Korean, English, Chinese)

17. Idol Friends :

kpop, eunseo, and cosmic girls image kpop, momo, and japan line image april, 에이프릴, and lee na eun image pentagon, yeo one, and lq image
WJSN (Luda-Eunseo), TWICE (Mina-Momo-Sana), APRIL (NaEun), PENTAGON (Yuto)

18. Fun Facts :

Marvel, aesthetic, and tumblr image ice cream, pink, and food image
Love Marvel, Not good at showing feeling, favorite color is pink, want to play in a drama, love ice cream.