Hello, beautiful hearters and Smilers! So....I have some explaining to do. I know last Saturday I put up the Week At A Glance article and went a week without posting. To be fair, I've been sick all week and have done nothing but lay in bed and in my living room all week long pretty much dying at the hands of a cold. It wasn't fun. But I'm finally feeling better and will be posting this week with last week's plan. So if you haven't seen the Week At A Glance article, you can find it here. :)

But before we get started, I have a few little announcements. I will be posting daily on the website, here, twitter, Tumblr, and wishbone. You can find the link to all of these at the bottom. :) I also have some cool little projects in the works, so keep an eye out for random update articles (there will be two this week). Some fun activities might be involved. You'll just have to check them out to find out.

Now, without further ado, today's amazing music-filled article.

#TheSmileProject -- Songs That Touched My Heart

1. You Will Be Found by Dear Evan Hansen Cast

When I first heard this song, I was actually having doubts about this project. I wasn't getting the results I once got and had major doubts and debates on whether to keep going or not. But when I heard this song, I had a change of heart. I felt empowered and didn't want to give up. This song reminded me of why I started #TheSmileProject to begin with and that everyone needs some sort of positivity in their life. If you listen to this song, I assure you it will inspire you in so many ways and reminds you to never give up, even when you feel alone and unimportant and like you aren't making a difference. Because you are.

2. Mani In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

No, I didn't choose to add this song because I performed it in a lip sync battle (I actually really did though, but I didn't win). I chose this old and kind of funny song because honestly, just listen to the words. It states if you want to change something, you must first change yourself, and in a positive way, of course. When I first heard this song, I actually was choosing it for a lip sync battle not only because I thought my youth group would love it (they did), but because I want to send a message of kindness, hope, positivity. And this song did just that.

3. The Unknown by Athlete

For those who really know me, I am a huge Bethany Hamilton fan. I first heard her story when I was in first or second grade. When the movie Soul Surfer came out, I remembered hearing about her story. No joke, I have seen that movie probably 50 times. When I heard this song two weeks ago, I flipped out because this is the song in the credits of the movie. I was obsessed. For those who haven't seen her movie or heard her story, when she was thirteen, she was attacked by a shark while surfing and lost her left arm. By the grace of God and God only, she was able to get back surfing and is now a professional surfer. Her story is super inspiring for me. With this song, it's a nice reminder that we know nothing. We have no actual plan for us, only God does, but as the song says "hope is never light years away," which is such a beautiful reminder.

4. Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory

So this song is one of my favorite songs. I use it for writing all the time. One reason why I love it is because it starts off slowly then gradually gets a little louder and for me, it has a hopeful sound. It really just boils down to that. That with music, it isn't just about the lyrics, but the sound as well. If I'm in a funky mood and I hear this song, I'm able to close my eyes, take a deep breath and smile.

5. Superman by Rachel Platten

I am one who likes to help people. I don't feel like it's my responsibility, but I love the feeling I get afterward. But I need to remind myself that I have to take care of myself, too. You can't help hold someone up if you can't hold yourself up. This song has helped me with so much in that perspective. It's taught me to help as much as I possibly can but not push too much to the point where I break because of it.

Well, that's it, loves. I know, it was a little short this time, but I thought I'd put a twist on this article so you see why I love these songs instead of just listing them. Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and weekend. Remember to keep smiling. You never know who will need it.


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