I listen to a lot of singers, and I realised that most of my faves were underrated and underappreciated,In this article i wanted to show you some amazing artists you probably don´t know yet. I hope you enjoy it and maybe find some new music. so here's a list :


She's amazingly talented, she has a wonderful voice and her lyrics are also meaningful.
She is brave and she's not afraid of showing who she is.

blue lips, lady wood, and tove image makeup, mermaid, and tove lo image aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image girl, habits, and music image

some recommended songs:

💫the way that i am
💫 this time around
💫don't talk about it
💫bad days


i just think they deserve more recognition for their music. they are literally all i listen to these days. they just make you feel so good.

the neighbourhood, band, and the nbhd image the neighbourhood, jesse rutherford, and the nbhd image the neighbourhood, the nbhd, and jeremy freedman image music image

some recommended songs:

💫daddy issues
💫stuck with me
💫scary love


She is a very good singer,she has a unique voice Her lyrics are very well written and are very relatable to anxiety and depression.

k. flay image adorable, hiphop, and k flay image k. flay image k. flay image

some recommended songs:

💫 blood in the cut
💫 dreamers
💫run for your life


She is an incredible singer and vocalist, she has a very beautiful voice.she's not really famous though she's very talented.

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some recommended songs:

💫paper love
💫too much to dream


she is an amazing singer songwriter. she has a wonderful dusky-voice, and her self-taught guitar skills are unbelievable. her music has a mesmerizing sound that you can't find anywhere else

wild west, zella day, and wild east image car, girl, and outfit image singer and zella day image blonde, zelladay, and blonde girl image

some recommended songs:

💫Mustang Kids
💫Sweet Ophelia
💫Ace of Hearts

Here it is, my list of underappreciated singers, I hope you liked them.

Thank you for reading.