I currently got two "piercings" but I want a lot more and of course some Tattoos.

The first second and third lobe

piercing, earrings, and ear image
I already got the first and the second but the thir one I think I'm gonna get soon.


piercing and ear image


piercing image

Belly Piercing

aesthetic, fashion, and lace image

Nose Piercing

girl, piercing, and lips image
I kinda wanna get both but I really can't decide which one I like the most.

Lip Tattoo

aesthetic, aesthetics, and baby image
I cannot describe how much I've always wanted a Tattoo on my inner lip oml.

Wave Tattoo

tattoo, waves, and summer image
I wanna get this on my wrist or on my back like on that picture.

little word

aesthetic, red shirt, and tattoo image
I don't exactly know where but a tiny word somewhere is really pretty I think.

I mean I am 14 so I can't really know what I'm gonna get in the future but the ones I showed you above are my favourites and my wishes for now.