Frist of all i just want to tell you that i don't gonna write all days. I can explain why, and the thing is that first, my life is not enough funny, and second of all i barely have time because of my studies. With this i just want to start to speak about me, my feelings, my thinks and things, and idk, about my life, that is not really interesting. I want to do this too because i just want to practice how to write an articles. Im going to introduce me, with 5 facts:

1.Im from Mallorca, Spain
2. I was born in 2001, so im 17 now
3. I have a best friend since the kindergarten and i really love her
4. I really really like football and literature (even if though it has nothing to do)
5. I love lenguages and i want to learn how to speak as minimum 5 lenguages (i can speak three right now)

kisses and hugs,