Stage Name: Mackenzie Bloom
Birthday: May 15, 2001
Age: 17 (in the beginning, 20 in the future)

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What I'm Famous For

I started as a Soundcloud/YouTube Artist and then Ariana Grande discovered me. Then I started acting in Indie Films and one got nominated for an Oscar leading me to play 'Snow White' in the Disney Live-Action adaptation of 'Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.' I had also been writing a book which got published and is now a New York Times Best Seller. So now I'm a actress, singer-songwriter, author.


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Wikipedia Article

Mackenzie Bloom (born May 15, 2001; aged 17) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and author best known for her role as the infamous 'Snow White' in the Disney Live-Action adaptation of 'Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs,' and her New York Times best selling series of young-adult, science fiction, fantasy novels. She is also rumored to be starring in an upcoming Marvel project.

Personality Info:

Myers-Briggs Personality: Fluctuating INFP and INFJ

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Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff, but could be Gryffindor

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