Best friends mean something different for each person. Some people have multiple best friends - each one serving a different purpose in their life. While some people have one to two best friends who can serve multiple purposes in their life. Either way we not only want these people in our life but sometimes we NEED them in our life. Best friends help us with a lot throughout our lives.

Your best friend doesn't have to be someone you've known since birth. You meet new people all the time. I have had many best friends throughout my life and some of them are still here. Life happens, people will leave. Be open to new people and be there for those who are there for you.

Here are the different type of Best Friends I have come up with:


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Someone who will help you be the best person you can be. They won't let you settle for less than you deserve. And when you do succeed, they are happy for you rather than jealous of your success. You build each other up - not tear each other down.
Whether it is fitness, career, travel, relationships, etc. They will always be there to help you get where you wanna go and they know you will be there to help them too. This person is the one you talk to when you lose your motivation and need an ego boost because they rock at making people feel good. Just make sure to return the favor!

Adventure Buddy

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We all need that someone who is always willing to go on a hike with you when you're feeling adventurous. That person who is willing to plan a fantastic vacation with you to somewhere tropical and will be fun to go with. They help make your life interesting. They have a free spirit and are up for practically anything. It is also important that this person is good at handling money and has a good job that allows them to take time off.

The Boss

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A strong, independent woman that you can aspire to be like. They have their life together in a way. Success attracts a lot of people and they need help identifying those who are there for them and not to use them. But these people can show you how to better yourself and be successful in what you want to do. They will help build you up if you treat them right. They don't have time to deal with people who aren't there to help them succeed. These people have goals and motivation, follow their lead.

Partner in Crime

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You need an epic person to do epic things with. This is someone that will yank you out of your shell and show you a world you were afraid to enter alone. It takes a special kind of person to make you feel comfortable in the unknown. You have to trust this person for sure, but they are usually very trustworthy. In rare occasions they are only this person with you which means that you bring out each others wild side. They keep you young, wild, and free. Which is so important. Never take life too seriously.

While you might be one of these people and have a person for each of these categories, there are also very special people in your life that can be all of the above. Hold onto these people. They are a treasure.

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