Once my dad told me: "you'll never find peace or happiness if you don't stop comparing your life to somebody else's"

And I was thinking about it and yeah that's true!

You're always gonna find somebody who looks smarter than you, who looks prettier, happier than you and also you're always gonna find somebody that looks sadder than you, less smart or whatever. But that's what you think, you don't know what really is.

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The grass is always greener on the other side, but you have no idea what happens inside those walls.

So yeah, I'll never find happiness if I continue with this pattern, I need to stop. I crave, I'm thirsty for happiness and peace. One day, I want to wake up and realize how happy, healthy and what a good place I am in life.

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So that's tip, my advice for you:
Stop looking to your side and estimating how good or how bad your life is.

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Look forward, so you can progress, so you can grow, so you can turn into a better person.
Then, one day, happiness will find you along the way and walk hand in hand with you.

>Love, Ana

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