Heey readers! First, thank you for keep reading my articles and welcome to you if this is the first article you read by me. Today I'll be doing the If I were tag which I found really interesting and cool :) This are the articles I got inspired from:


If I were...

- a flower

aesthetic, background, and blue image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image
I would definitely be either a daisy flower or a sunflower. I looove flowers and these are my favorites! FLOWER POWER.

- a country

argentina, buenos aires, and flag image argentina, art, and buenos aires image
I would be Argentina bc is where I live! (and I think is a really aesthetic country)

- a movie

movie, Clueless, and aesthetic image Clueless, movie, and grunge image
I would be clueless bc is my fav 90s movie EVER. The outfits >>

- a season

Image removed daisies, neon, and quote image
I would be spring bc I love how is hot and windy at the same time. Also, flowers grow and blossom so I love itttt :)

- a famous girl

maddie ziegler image girl and maddie ziegler image
I would be Maddie Ziegler. I just love her so so much.

- a famous boy

cameron boyce image cameron boyce and boy image
I would be Cameron Boyce bc uuugh I love him and admire him a lot. Very talented (and hot lol)

- a colour

yellow, aesthetic, and art image bullet journal image
I would totally be yellow bc I think is a very powerful colour

- a tattoo

beautiful, friends, and Best image constellation and tattoo image
I would be a constellation tattoo, I want one so baaaaad!

- a decade

90s and photo image aesthetic, 90s movies, and alternative image
I love the 90s as you may have noticed :)

- a nickelodeon show

drake and josh, crying, and funny image drake and josh, nachos, and funny image

- a disney show

disney, growing up, and quote image fandom, friendship, and high school image
One of the best show disney has ever made = GIRL MEETS WORLD

Sooo I will end this article here, thank you for keep reading til the end. Hope you liked it and I would definetely do a part II. Byeee! :))

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