The girl I dream of
has long curly hair, a heart made of gold,
a captivating stare,
and a soul that's suitably old

The girl I dream of,
doesn't get all the looks,
when she walks into a room
She loves art and collects books,
she finds comfort in her own world

The girl I dream of
is like a lantern that guides you in the dark,
is like a white rose among orchids
She's a pure pond next to poisoned lakes,
a gust of wind in a hot summer morning

The girl I dream of
has a beautiful, golden heart
but is capable of tearing a life apart
She has always been so selfless
and her potential is still endless

The girl I dream of has seen a lot of evil
but still has the courage
to believe in people
She will always choose
a halo over horns
and love over hate