Bonjour Hearters, I tried finding new music to listen to. I just wanned to listen to something else and I thought it was a good idea sharing it with you!! Hope you enjoy this random list of songs I listen to.

Pop music

family, tear, and episode image

- Fake Love
- N.O

band, why don't we, and corbyn besson image hipster, music, and pop image crew, allie x, and polaroid image halsey, random icons, and halsey icons image

- Hooked, Why Don't We
- Someday, Naaz
- Downtown, Allie X
- Strangers, Halsey

lily allen, photography, and pink hair image girl, led, and model image bloom, sivan, and troye image alternative, indie, and rock image

- Lost My Mind, Lily Allen
- Ocean, SONIA
- Bloom, Troye Sivan
- Everything Now, Arcade Fire

Rock Music

concert and the wombats image

The Wombats
- Turn
- Cheetah Tongue

alternative, anarchist, and babes image

- Polygraph Eyes
- Anarchist

guitar, rockstar, and theory of a deadman image artist, black and white, and brendon urie image asking alexandria image ACDC, rock, and ac dc image

- Bad Girlfriend, Theory of a Deadman
- High Hopes, Panic! At the Disco
- Alone In A Room, Asking Alexandria
- You Shook Me All Night Long, AC/DC