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hello, it's sana once again! i don't remember the last time when i made an article - not including that horrible poem i did. so, i hope i redeem myself with this one. a lot of people have done the ' how i see myself as a fictional character ' or whatever it exactly is, but none have come up with this concept as far as i've known. please tell me if i'm wrong though! i've just been rambling, so i should probably properly introduce myself. my zodiac's a cancer, i love kpop; my mains being blackpink & bts, and i'm deeply involved with the creative arts. sorry for the short intro of myself, but we should get right into the article! thank you so much for reading xoxo <3

name; sana the flying banana

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okay, but don't judge me alright! i mean, the name has more significance than seeming incredibly dumb. however, this could be interpreted as a metaphor - see, i'm being intelligent. sana the - girl whose mind is free as well as her being wild and strong. sana who's daring and speaks her mind. she fights back and stands up for what she believes in even if she comes in a "small" package.

physical appearance; cute, short, pastel, ocean blue eyes, a heart shaped face, dark brown hair - somewhat like bubbles from the powerpuff girls

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she's very adorable with the way she looks but she can really shock you with her mind and smart ideas. she had pretty ocean eyes and a heart shaped face. she's small in the height form and the majority of people are taller than her - unless you're talking about little kids who haven't gone through puberty yet.

style; soft, pastel, aesthetically pleasing, can be retro at times, girly.

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she's practically a style icon! she wears a lot of cute, pastel clothing. she's often "girly" with light colors and elegant touches. sometimes, she can be a bit retro with her fashion as she likes to take inspiration from the 50s-90s. she also loves vintage/antique shopping with plays into her style choices. she wears a lot of overalls, pinafores, skirts, and mom jeans. she also adores the way an oversized tee or sweater looks.

personality; sweet, caring, kind, can sometimes be sassy if you mess with her or insult her/her friends or family in any way, family - oriented, appreciates the little things, infatuated with nature, loves music, ambitous

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she's sweet and always kind to others, well, most of the time. but, she can also be sassy when somebody pisses her off or pushes the wrong buttons. because she's family - oriented, she hates when people take jabs at her family [and even friends] and is always willing to snap back. she appreciates small things since she notices them as well. someone might not be able to notice a smudge on the wall or a speck of dust on a desk, but she will. she admires nature and how it all ended up around her. this includes flowers and anything green. not to mention, she really loves music. whether she's playing an instrument or projecting her voice, she enjoys the drive she gets from m u s i c. she's also ambitious and strives to be the best.

interests; music, singing, being outside & doing things, gardening

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as mentioned above, she loves music & singing! she loves being outdoors and smelling the roses as well as being the one who plants them.


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a bunch of quotes/sayings.

living/shelter/home; a cute, shabby apartment

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her house would be all cute and shabby; an apartment, too. she would share it with her two best friends and everything would be coated in pastels. her room would be a light pink with some grays and whites with a bit of a floral theme meshed in ( i.e. her sheets ). she would live either in paris or new york city.
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