Hey guys! Its Rachel here! Are you a Potterhead? Well, i am if you're wondering. Here is a Harry Potter tag i've been meaning to do for a while now.

⇝ appearance

minimal, white, and korean image coffee, glasses, and cozy image makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image carpet, destroy, and fair image
5'6 tall, slim build, black/dark brown hair, wears glasses and has fair skin

⇝ personality

definition, dictionary, and meaning image audrey hepburn, funny face, and gif image gif image aesthetic, flowers, and girl image
a dreamer and deep thinker, i am an introverted girl who enjoys laughing and having hearty conversations. i can be witty when i want to be and sensible when i need to.

⇝ my house

harry potter, ravenclaw, and book image harry potter, hogwarts, and ravenclaw image stars, blue, and ravenclaw image ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image
Ravenclaw! You got it. I'm in the house of the witty and wise. #proud.

⇝ my patronus

marsh harrier image marsh harrier image
Marsh Harrier! Those with the Marsh Harrier are quick thinking and smart. They are often very thoughtful and have profound and reflective ideas! However, they are level headed and often have an individualistic & creative side!

⇝ hogwarts pet

cat, cute, and animal image cat, flowers, and animal image Animales, gato, and ojos image Image by Hazar
My white cat named Yuki 雪! (means snow in japanese) I have an immense love for cats, if i do say so myself. Always found white to be a pretty color. Reminds me a little of snow.

⇝ favorite subjects

astronomy, galaxy, and nebula image astronomy, harry potter, and gif image charms, hogwarts, and gif image harry potter, hogwarts, and hermione granger image
Astronomy & Charms would be my favorite subjects. Since young, i was always curious about the universe and watching stars & Charms is a beautiful class, in my opinion!

⇝ favorite spells

Image removed books, expecto patronum, and film image harry potter, aguamenti, and water image harry potter, lumos, and light image
expelliarmus, expecto patronum, aguamenti & lumos! (too many spells, but here are some favs!)

⇝ my wand

bosco, casa, and verde image Image by KG_ravenclaw harry potter, japan, and universal studios image harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image
Larch Wood, Dragon Heartstring core 13(1/4)" and supple flexibility

⇝ favorite characters

gif and harry potter image draco malfoy, emma watson, and gif image draco malfoy and slytherin image luna lovegood, harry potter, and evanna lynch image
i feel proud of this selection (´・ω・`) my fav characters are luna lovegood (i love that she is really unique and there are a thousand reasons more) and draco malfoy (mostly because his character is very complex and mysterious) ! you can ask me why if you're curious!

⇝ amortentia

book, coffee, and autumn image chloe, rose, and perfume image beach, sea, and summer image candle, light, and autumn image
the pages of a book, floral perfumes, the ocean, and scented candles are my amortentia.

⇝ my ilvermorny house

brew, harry potter, and magic image herbs, magic, and herbal image beautiful, blue, and heart image gif, fantastic beasts, and tumblr image
Pukwudgie! Its favors healers and represents the heart of a witch/wizard! ♡

⇝ favorite hogwarts professor

harry potter and remus lupin image
Remus Lupin.

⇝ profession

harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image british, hogwarts, and harry potter image
definitely the bookkeeper or (if i'm more up to it, i'll work for the ministry but particularly in the magical law enforcement ; the investigation department)

⇝ good friends

luna lovegood, harry potter, and gif image harry potter, fred weasley, and george weasley image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hannah abbott image beach, warm, and warm tones image
luna lovegood, weasley twins (i know fred died but we'd still be good friends), & hannah abbott!

⇝ favorite spots at hogwarts

harry potter image harry potter, hedwig, and hogwarts image library, books, and hogwarts image hogwarts, harry potter, and vintage image
i love the commonroom, but at times it get a lil boring so my tops are the astronomy tower, the great lake, the library and the corridor!