Hi everyone and welcome to this article,

How's it going? Today I'm going to share you with all types of things you can do over the summer. Most of these don't cost money, and all of them are great for your mood and will make you feel a little bit more ready for school ( I hope ;).

So what to do this summer?

  • Have a photoshoot
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You can do it everywhere : in the nature, the city, on the beach etc.
  • Try out new filters on VSCO
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Here are some examples, but you can also find threads about it on instagram. The only thing you need for most of them is the app VSCO. If you want me to make a seperate article on this, please let me know.
  • Fill up your bookshelf
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It's cool to go the library and borrow some books, but it's so nice to be able to look back at your books again. You can buy cheap books at your library or in thrift stores. It will also look great as room decor ^.^
  • Spend a day without your Phone, computer, laptop, tv etc.
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Probably something that will make you feel so much better. Instead of being on your Phone you can read a book or enjoy the nature.
  • Go for a walk
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You can go alone to ease your mind or with a friend so you can talk about everything you need to get off your chest. Whatever you do, I asure you that it'll make you feel so much better.
  • Go thrift shopping
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It saves you money and it's fun!
  • Make a journal with all sorts of positive thoughts
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During the school year we tend to get so caught up in all of our thoughts that we can forget to look at the bigger picture and be more positive. It can help you to look back at this. You can fill it with quotes, letters to yourself, memories, etc. You can super creative with this one! Or..
  • Swim, Swim, Swim
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Swimming makes you feel so weightless and I think that's awesome. Plus, it's very healthy!
  • Watch tedx talks
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These are talks that can really inspire you. Just look up 'tedx talk' on YouTube and you'll get some. They are about different topics, for instance : confidence, how to start a conversation, feminism, etc. I really recommend them!
  • Do a self care challenge
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On the right you can see an example. Every day you have to do something small or big that makes you happy. It is such a fun way to treat yourself during the summer. If you want to find other examples for this challenge you can look for it on pinterest or weheartit.

So those were some great ideas of what you could do this summer. I hope after reading this you'll have some plans of what to do this summer. I also hope you'll feel refreshed after this summer vacation and you're able to just start school/work/anything again with a positive view.

Have a great summer!

If you have any suggestions or you just want to tell me something, make sure to send me a message! I'm Always happy to read about your thoughts ♡

X Vera

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