So hey, that's my first article and I wanted to do an 'alphabet-tag'. I saw an article 'bout that and got inspired. Btw, I won't take the same keywords. So yeah, enjoy.

° A : Artist
- my favorite female solo-artist is Dua Lipa.

dua lipa image dua lipa, singer, and dua image

° B : Book
- my favorite kind of books are poetry books.

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° C : City
- one of my favorite city's is Istanbul.

aesthetic, cities, and istanbul image istanbul image

° D : Dog
- my favorite dog breed is pomeranian.

dog, pet, and pomeranian image zula image

° E : Event
- my most beautiful event til now, was the glow beauty convention. It's a german beauty event where you also can meet many popular (most german) influencer.

glow, youtube, and internet famous image fans, dagi, and instagram image

° F : Film
- since I'm a little kid, I love every Cinderella movie. I couldn't decide for other films.

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° G : Greatest series.
-I'm a huge fan of tbbt, lol.

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° H : Hair
- I got short, light brown hair and a white vitiligo hair strand.

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° I : Important items
- my most important items I take with me, are my phone and my wallet.

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° J : Job
- I really don't know yet what to do. I would like to do something with kids or psychology. Job's like management, etc are also on my list.

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° K : Kids
- I really looove kids. I just got one brother. In the future I would like to have a big family with 3 girls and 2 boys if it's possible, lol.

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° L : Language
- I can speak fluent german and (my first language) turkish. Also I'm still learning english since first grade and french since 3 years but I'll deselect it probably in 10th grade.

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° M : Model
- I find Cara Delevingne really inspiring. Stefanie Giesinger got a strong personality like Gigi Hadid. I think these 3 are my favorite models (Btw, I'm not that into models).

cara delevingne, Joe Jonas, and gigi hadid image girls and stefanie giesinger image

° N : Name
- Damla. Meaning : Water drop // turkish

fountain, park, and photography image actress, beautiful, and brunette image

° O : Operation
- In this content, I'm very lucky. I never had an operation or broke my arm, etc.

best friend, hospital, and selena gomez image brave, crutches, and girl image

° P : Phone
- since 4th grade iPhone user,lol // iPhone 7+ black

black, iphone, and matte image iphone, manicure, and nude nails image

° Q : Queens
- I love the royal familys. Elizabeth I. shows, that she can be a strong ruler without a King.

dress, wedding, and bride image crown, Queen, and diamond image

° R : Relationships
- I was never in a relationship. I just had a crush on somebody for a longer time. But I'm still very young so idc.

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° S : Season
- Every season got something own but I'm not the biggest fan of winter and I'm a summer child, so I always look forward summer.

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° T : Travel
- I always love to travel to turkey and I really want to visit the polar lights too.

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° U : Uniform
- Our school doesn't got any school uniforms but I think it would be cool.

fashion, korean fashion, and sopa image school uniform image

° V : Vegetarian
- I'm not an officially vegetarian but i act like one. I could live without meat and wouldn't get problems cause meat isn't my case.

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° W : Weather
- I looove the rain and thunders and temperatures under 30° C // 86° F.

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° X : Xtra
- I couldn't find logical words with 'x' so I'll post random photos :)

bts, jungkook, and jimin image shawn mendes and shawn image

° Y : Yogurt
- I really love homemade yogurt from my grandma, I could mix everything with this yogurt. But I also love ChiaBowls with yogurt.

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° Z : Zoo
-My Zoo Highlight are definitely the lions, I love them so much.

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So yeah, that's my first article on WeHeartIt and I hope you enjoyed it, it took my so much time, oml.

Cover Image : @chkiara at 'we heart it'