~ Hello Wonderful&Weird people ~

↬This is just me as weird things

1. A sauce

bts, jhope, and hoseok image ketchup, mustard, and pen image brown, hotdog, and drink image kpop, mark, and ship image
Ketchup and mustard. Sweet and sour but not ACTUAL sweet and sour you feel?( side note: Jhope, Mark and Yugyeom look really cute)

2. A Nail polish colour

blue, theme, and ocean image moon, sky, and night image nails, rings, and tattoo image Image by Sᴏᴛᴇ
The dark blue for my nails coz it matches my mood all the time: I'm happy? blue, I'm sad? blue, I'm feeling lit? blue but a soft silver for toe nails coz I'm actually a softie #mustprotecc #proteccme

3. Food

The way i eat my cheesecake with a fork, the first thing that enters my mouth is the crust, then the cream and then the topping; So if you really know me, i act cold and biting (the crust) but I'm actually quite nice if i trust you 110% (cream) and sweet and have a pretty soul so please dont leave me (the toppings).

food, cake, and blueberry image Image removed bite size, coconut, and cheesecake bars image food and cheescake image
See why im a cheesecake?!!!

4. A rock

I have this strange fascination with rocks, since i was like 8, so i'd probably be beach rocks coz archeologists haven't identified all of them and theres always that 1% chance you'll pick up an undiscovered rock coz its pretty. I dont know i just RELATE. Im there in the midst of humanity but I'm lost in the sea of people...get it...sea...coz I'm a beach rock?...ok

Image by Sᴏᴛᴇ Image by Sᴏᴛᴇ Image by Sᴏᴛᴇ 2010, August, and Maine image
Yes I know the second one is glass but when I was little I was convinced I found a special rock so if little Taytay said it was a rock, ISSA ROCK TO ME.

5. An item of clothing

A baggy t-shirt coz they make me feel all small( I'm only 5'3 so I'm tiny all the time) and cute and cool and comfy and an oversized hoody for the same reason but this time i can put my hood up and disappear from society ... FUN

fashion, chic, and style image girl, grunge, and 90s image bff, clothes, and fashion image girl, hair, and sweater image
I know i said AN item not ITEMS butttt I'm an exception.

6. Lastly, A body part

The skin. Sounds ew but think deep for a moment, put on your tumblr hats my wonderful&weird people, i need your co-operation:

The skin is one of the most important organs yet almost NOBODY even knows its an organ. It comes in different colours and ( dont fite me) its the first thing people might notice subconsciously, but at the end of the day...its importance as an organ is forgotten and- YOU GET THE POINT

classycgal and sira kante image asian, girl, and korea image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image girl, beauty, and makeup image girl, beauty, and skin image outfit image
( sorry guys my loneliness was showing ehemm back to the article)

7. OKAY LAST LAST ONE: A weather

Cool weather like "rainforest weather" "rains frequently" "pretty chill"
I dont have a reason, thats just what came to mind when i thought of myself.

summer, waterfall, and beautiful image elephant, animal, and nature image Image removed green, tropical, and dark green image
uhhhhhh i want to go to the rainforest sooo bad and the mountains ( side note: if my future serious boyfriend ( whoever you are idk) is reading this: propose to me there or the mountains please and thank you)

(does that even make sense whatever, byeee❤️✨)