There aren't so many days like today. When change is only one night away, one blink of an eye.
I could reach out and touch it with my fingers.
What does change feel like? What does it smell like?
For me it is like a soft breeze on my face and a tingly feeling on my skin. A deep vibration in my heart.
It smells like rain und lilies. And when I close my eyes I can hear all the sounds the places make I will visit and live in the future. The streets and voices, the sea, the trees and the laughter of good friends.

ocean, indie, and nature image

I love change. It always feels like a step towards inner freedom and growth.
But I am also a very nostalgic person, I like to swell in memories of good and bad times. Thinking about what I reached, what I won and what I lost.
Growing up and starting an own life is magical and challenging.

Lots of love