Hi beautiful hearters. Here in Italy school is just finished, this means more time to write articles!
In this one I'd like to write about one of the last film I saw which is:


"Live forever or die trying"
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In 2169 people will be programmed to live until 25 years, then the clock which is printed on their skin will start to work, like a timer of their own life, but also as a bank account, in fact people pay with minutes, hour or years of their lives.
Will Salas lives in the area 12, also known as "ghetto", which is a really poor area, and he's 25+3 years old.
One night Will saves a rich man Hanry Hamilton, which will rewar him with all his time unless 30 sec, that he will use to kill himself.
Now Will's only objective is to sabotage a world where only rich people live forever and the poor one die afrter a few days.
Will becomes a citizen of the area 4, New Greenwich, there he meets the beautiful Sylvia Weis, the daughter of the most important enterpreneur of the world. In the meantime the police of time finds Will, and consider him as suspected for the murderer of Hanry Hamilton, so the police take away all his time apart from 2 hours. He broke free, taking hostage Sylvia and once he's back in the hood he blakmails mr. Weis: 1000 years to the goodwill of the ghetto in return for Sylvia. Mr Weis dosen't want to pay and he sends insead the time keeper to seek them. Sylvia is now in love with Will and she understands that she doesn't want to continue her boring life with his father, so she helps Will.
together they rob all the banks of mr. Weis and they take him as hostage, until he lets them 1.000.000 years, but the time keeper finds them. Will they be able to run away?

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I think this film really represents the society of nowadays, it makes really see the reality of things; how rich people can live without any worry or problem while there are so many people in the world that continue to die for lack of food or even water. I think this fim makes people reflect about this kind of things in a very special way with a cute love story in the background. I really recommend it.

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That's all for now, thanks for reading.