If I were a season:


flowers, rose, and house image flowers, spring, and tumblr image flowers, pink, and spring image Image by Marie

If I were a colour:


ice cream, purple, and food image photography and spring image love image purple, crystal, and wallpaper image

If I were an animal:


cat, rain, and animal image cat, cute, and animal image cat, girl, and tattoo image cat, rainbow, and animal image

If I were a clothing item:


Image by Marla Martinez friends, fashion, and girls image fashion, style, and olivia palermo image black, lace, and dress image

If I were a flower:


flowers and poppy image bokeh, flowers, and happiness image article, nature, and Poland image flowers, poppy, and red image

If I were a mythical creature:


art, acomaf, and book image fantasy and photography image arwen, lord of the rings, and elf image dress, blue, and winter image aspen gerasimova image dress and wolf image

If I were a Disney princess:


disney, belle, and book image disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image beauty, beauty and the beast, and belle image beauty and the beast image beauty and the beast, disney, and gif image beauty and the beast, love, and disney image

If I were a weather:


yellow, sky, and clouds image sky, bird, and clouds image Image by Fred sand, sky, and desert image

If I were a place:


forest, Poland, and September image hiking, mountains, and nature image pier, Poland, and sea image beautiful places, lodz, and old town image girl and vintage image cottage, lavender, and Poland image city and warsaw image flag image

If I were an activity:


life, quotes, and imagination image naruto, uchiha sasuke, and uzumaki naruto image quote, reality, and Dream image clouds, Dream, and castle image Image by Citlaly RA Inspiring Image on We Heart It

If I were a word:


aspergers, autism, and aspergirl image true image people, allergic, and hello image love, heart, and brain image eye, magic, and blue image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image

If I were famous...


book, goals, and bucket list image story, ink, and book image book and vintage image quotes image funny, thoughts, and writing image quotes, fast, and text image

If I were a quote:

quotes and broken image

If I were a view:

friends image Dream, italy, and lantern image stars, night, and sky image Image by Fred girl, adventure, and landscape image Greece, stars, and santorini image

If I were an element:


Image by ✞ vampire Girl ✞ fire, photography, and nature image girl, aesthetic, and fire image stars, night, and sky image

If I were a city:


belgium, brussels, and city image belgium, brussels, and grand place image atomium and bruxelles image belgium image flowers, Art Nouveau, and brussels image aesthetic and europe image

Ohhh... I took me 3 hours to complete it xP but I had so much fun! :) I really recommend the challenge and I'm looking forward to see "If I were" articles written by my followers <3 Have a lovely day!

Thanks for sarah for inspiring me with her article :)