1) Find a Theme

summer, beach, and girl image sea, travel, and Greece image beautiful, happy, and Island image shell, beach, and summer image

2) Edit all photos similarly

sunglasses, glasses, and summer image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image iphone, pink, and case image food, ice cream, and chocolate image

3) Plan your posts

books, coffee, and college image ideas, pastel, and planner image agenda, art, and calligraphy image glasses, laptop, and macbook image

4) Use a simple background

food, breakfast, and coffee image alli simpson and blonde image love image donuts, food, and yummy image

5) Try to use natural light

beach, beautiful, and beauty image beautiful, girl, and cute image girl, model, and beauty image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image

6) Use hashtags

quote, hashtags, and instagram image quotes, girlboss, and black image

7) Post videos

Chen, exo, and gif image fire, firework, and lights image paris, ratatouille, and beautiful image homer, the simpsons, and bike image

8) Use Instagram Stroies

cats, stories, and Swift image bag, shoes, and usa image

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