i´m kinda addicted to netflix and mostly to tv shows, i also like movies very much but this article should be about my favourite tv shows, so i hope you enjoy it.

13 reasons why

13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay jensen image 13 reasons why, ross butler, and zach dempsey image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay jensen image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and justin foley image
this tv show is based on the book from jay asher. The show is about the girl, hannah baker, who killed herself and made tapes, where she tells her story. the rules are easy, each person who gets the tapes is one reason, why she killed herself. After the person finish listen to it they must pass it to the next. If anyone do not do this, the copy from the tapes will be released.
i love this show, even tho it made me cry way too often and way too much. There are a lot of triggers, so if you have some really bad trauma incidents going on with depression or bullying do not watch 13 reasons why. You can find a lot of trigger warnings in the internet, just search ,,13 reasons why important triggers" then tap o pictures and the first pics are already some trigger warnings. If you are going to watch it please be careful. i love you, stay safe.

The national suicide lifeline is 1-800-273-8255

alternative lifeline for deaf/hard/ of hearing: 1-800-799-4889

the trevor project (for lgbtqia and questioning individuals)
National hopeline network 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) you can also go on the website 13reasonswhy.info

the vampire diaries

gif, Nina Dobrev, and the vampire diaries image ian somerhalder, damon salvatore, and the vampire diaries image paul wesley, the vampire diaries, and stefan salvatore image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image
Elena gilberts falls in love with the vampire stefan salvatore. Stefans brother damon salvatore returns and he has a plan to get back the love of his life, katherine pierce, a vampire who looks like elena. I'm going to make it fast and just tell you that they'll create a love triangle.
i love the tv show because i am very into love and fantasy stuff. This tv show is very good and doesn't get boring.


gif, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image gif, gifs, and girl image actor, gif, and gifs image gif, gifs, and riverdale image
Riverdale seems like the perfect little town, but theres so much more drakness hidden behind this perfect image
my favourite caracter is definitely cheryl, i love the way she can be the biggest diva but at the same time she can be nice and kind and show emotions haha.


gif, dominic sherwood, and shadowhunters image actor, funny face, and gif image shadowhunters, alec lightwood, and maleç image shadowhunters, jace, and dominic sherwood image
Th show is about the girl clary fray, who finds out on her birthday that she comes from a long line of shadowhunters, who hunt demons
i am so sad that season 4 wont get produced anymore. I dont like the movie, many people are saying the show isnt as good as the movie, but i really really hate the movie. I love the show, but i can not stand the movie. Maybe if i watched the movie before i watched the show, it would not be that bad, but it's just my opinion


friends, ross, and funny image friends, chandler bing, and funny image friends, ross, and Joey image friends, bitch, and quotes image
this is defenetly of of my absolute favorite tv shows. Its so so funny. and i totally love it. i can't really describe the show, but i really can give you the advise to watch it.

new girl

tv show, new girl, and jess day image tv show, new girl, and jess day image tv show and new girl image tv show and new girl image
jess is a teacher and wanted to go home to suprise her boyfriend spencer, who she then finds cheating on her. she needs to find a place where she can live, she then moves into a loft with three men and its gettin really funny. lmao

I hope ypu liked my article

Leni x