Hi soo here I'm again with this challenge Enyoy

P.S.I'm sorry if my English is bad it's not my mother tongue language

1. Bracelet or Necklace

black and white, diamond, and girly image heart, necklace, and tiffany image

2. Fruits or Vegetables

fruit, food, and healthy image fruit, food, and healthy image

3 Black and White or Colours

fashion, outfit, and girl image dress, fashion, and pink image
Both...depend on the current mood

4. Books or Movies

film, tracker, and movie image beautiful, movie, and korean boys image
Movies because I don't like to read

5. Pepsi or Coke

coca cola, drink, and red image coca cola, snow, and coke image
I'm obsessed with coke soo ofc coke

6. Winter or Summer

summer, blue, and sea image beach, summer, and surf image
I love both but summer is so relaxing

7. Bath or Shower

bath, love, and bubbles image couple, love, and shower image
I love both but sometimes I don't have time so I take a quick shower

8. *Glasses or Contacts

girl, glasses, and hair image girl, smile, and glasses image
Glasses because I wear glasses and I love them

9. iOS or Android

iphone, nails, and phone image iphone, apple, and white image
I would like to have an iOS

10. Swimming or Sunbathing

girl, sea, and ocean image Hot, legs, and tanning image

11. Mornings or Late nights

me, night, and phone image light, purple, and night image
I love to sleep a lot in the morning so late nights

12. Chocolate or Vanilla

chocolate, salad, and food image chocolate image
I love chocolate soo much

13. Socks or Slippers

heart, hearts, and legs image tea, socks, and coffee image
Socks I hate slippers I don't know why

14. Champagne or Wine

wine, drink, and party image wine and drink image
I don't drink any of those but wine is good

15. Pancakes or Waffles

breakfast, food, and mothers day image nutella, food, and pancakes image

16. Call or Text

girl, hair, and style image funny, blue, and lol image

17. Numbers or Letters

nails image alphabet and calligraphy image

18. Money or Fame

Walk of Fame, before i die, and bucket list image girl, hollywood, and stars image
Fame because if you are famous you will have money

19. Washing dishes or doing laundry

Image by 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙚 Image by 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙚
I hate both it's not fun at all but if I must do it I will wash dishes

20. *Snakes or Sharks

baby, cute, and shark image shark, ocean, and sea image
I HATE snakes so sharks and look how this first photo is cutee like OMG

21. Orange juice or Apple juice

summer, food, and fruit image drink, healthy, and juice image
Orange juice

22. Coffee or Tea

coffee, heart, and drink image starbucks, drink, and yum image

23. Pizza or Pasta

food, pasta, and spaghetti image pasta, food, and yummy image

24. Short hair or Long hair

american, grand canyon, and american flag image fashion, hair, and style image
Long hair is soo beautiful

25. Phone or Computer

apple, green, and iphone image Copyrighted image
Phone I can't live without my phone

26. Guitar or Piano

music, piano, and love image piano, vintage, and grunge image
Piano is soo elegant

27. Sunrise or Sunset

city, sunset, and sun image flowers, sunset, and sea image
I love both

28. Nutella or Peanut Butter

nutella, valentine, and chocolate image nutella, chocolate, and food image
Nutella ofc always

29. Hoodie or Jackets

nike, sport, and fitness image adidas, outfit, and style image
Hoodies cuz they are so comfortable

30. Dress or Skirt

dress, white, and summer image dress and white image

31. Mascara or Lipstick

eyes, eye, and makeup image lipstick, makeup, and red image

32. Roses or Sunflowers

rose, girl, and flowers image rose, red, and flowers image
Red roses are so romantic I love all colours or roses but red are my favourite

33. Rural or Urban

city, wallpaper, and sky image city, light, and night image

34. Bus or Train

girl, vintage, and bus image london, Big Ben, and bus image

35. Mountain or Beach

sea, ocean, and waves image beach, sea, and purple image

34. Gold or Silver

gold, rose, and flowers image gold, car, and iphone image

35. Hugs or Kisses

girl, friends, and smile image love, couple, and boy image

36. Dress up or Dress down

aesthetic, slip, and style image fashion, white, and style image
Dress up

37. Leather or Denim

girl, beach, and fireworks image fashion, shorts, and summer image

38. Make up or Natural look

makeup, make up, and eye image girl, eyes, and black and white image
I love both

39. Cookies or Cake

cake, food, and chocolate image cake, chocolate, and food image

40. Pop music or Rock music

music, quote, and love image enrique iglesias, man, and Hot image

41. Library or Museums

france, louvre, and paris image girl, art, and museum image
Museums are soo cool

42. Theater or Cinema

girl, red, and cinema image food, popcorn, and pop image

43. Love or Money

back and white, couples, and exo image love, couple, and kiss image
Love for sure

44. Coca Cola or Pepsi

coca cola, coke, and vintage image red, coca cola, and retro image
Coca Cola I HATE Pepsi

45. Boat or Plane

iphone, travel, and sky image travel, away, and sky image

46. Painting or Drawing

art, flowers, and drawing image eye, art, and eyes image
I'm better at painting

47. Reading or Writing

coffee, city, and book image girl, travel, and train image

48. T-Shirts or Sweaters

fashion, pink, and friday image fashion, style, and sexy image

49. Flowers or Trees

flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, pink, and nature image

50. Superman or Batman

batgirl, batman, and overlay image alternative, depression, and fuck image

51. Frozen yogurt or Ice cream

food, ice cream, and yummy image pink, food, and ice cream image
Ice cream is the best

52. McDonald's or Burger King

McDonalds, black, and grunge image food, fries, and McDonalds image
McDonald's is the BEST

53. Books or Magazines

vogue, fashion, and watch image fashion, style, and afternoon image

54. Puzzles or Board games

monopoly, boy, and fisheye image monopoly and sephora image
Board games

55. Living room or Bedroom

bedroom, room, and pink image bedroom, light, and white image
I love to be in my bedroom so much

56. Apples or Oranges

orange, fruit, and food image orange, fruit, and food image
Oranges all the way

57. Bagels or Toast

food, pizza, and tomato image food, sandwich, and delicious image

58. Skates or Bike

bike, colors, and pink image bike, gold, and pink image

59. Watch or Play sports

audreyana michelle image braid, game, and girl image

60. Swim in a pool or In the sea

alone, beautiful, and bikini image girl, summer, and water image
I love both

61. Sweet or Salty

food, macaroons, and ‎macarons image chocolate, food, and cake image
I love to eat both but sweet omggggg.....

62. Lather or Lace

beach, belly, and fit image fashion, style, and outfit image
Lace OMFG I love lace

63. Steak or Chicken

food, meat, and delicious image barbecue, meat, and steak image

64. Alaska or Hawaii

beach, summer, and sunset image Aloha, summer, and palms image
Hawaii I have a wish to go there

65. Brekfast or Dinner

city, light, and dinner image friends, light, and city image
I can't eat in the morning so dinner for sure

66. Digital watch or Analog

fashion, watch, and gold image accessories, fashion, and style image
Analog...old is gold

67. Comedy or Drama

comedy, justin timberlake, and Mila Kunis image 500 movies you should see and movie image

68. Being too warm or to cold

cold, winter, and brr image book, coffee, and cold image
Cold because you can use something to warm up

69. Wild animals or Domestic animals

tiger, cute, and animal image eyes, animal, and tiger image
Wild because they are more beautiful but to be honest I'm scared of every animal in the world

70. Family or Friends

family, king, and Queen image friends, friendship, and summer image
Both cuz your real friends are like your family


P.S.I'm sorry if you can't see some photos I don't know why but it won't load...so yea love you all