So i've been thinking about writing an article since weeks ago and i decided to tell you about my sad love story.
Hey cuties,
Firstly the guy that i love is my classmate,the first of the year i didn't even care about him we didn't talk at all,but after months he sent me a message and i answered him quickly,we talked just a little bit,after the weekend,we were studyin and he were in front of me and he started to throw papers on my face i got angry and when i turned around i saw his gorgeous smile and just told him to stop.2 hours passed and he sit behind me and we talked but he did i just smiled because seriously i'm so shy i can't talk with a guy that i have a crush on without making any mistake.So after days the whole class started to notice how i act with him(i treat the other guys like my bffs like i don't need to be cute or something but with him it was so different so they noticed that).
i told my bff about my feeling toward him,i thought that it was just a crush and she said that it's so obvious but he already has a gf,i was so chocked and i started to cry a lot.
the day after i tried not to talk to him but i couldn't i tried hardly but everytime he smile i fell on love again and again so i talked with him like nothing happened i couldn't resist him.
When i got back home,he sent a message and we started to talk like a couple and i believed that he will ask me to date him but he didn't.
After days of talking i knew that he broke up with this girl and i was so happy and i thought again he will ask me now but he didn't :( .
After we faught because he insulted me but even he did i was the one that sent a message and i was the one that told him sorry even if i didn't do anything wrong.
the last week i knew that he has a new gf and now we don't talk at all and i don't know what to do.