summer incoming

...and because of that I collected a few inspirations to be ready for summer & I wanna share them with you :)


5sos, ashton irwin, and 5 seconds of summer image bandana, coachella, and eyes image bandana and hair image fashion image
you can wear them as a scarf, in your hair and even around your arm or your ankle - and they´re aviable in almost every color :)

graphic tees

aesthetic, fashion, and model image girl, grunge, and outfit image
I don´t exacly know why i like them; I just think they´re a perfect way to express yourself & your attitude

lace bralettes

fashion, black, and outfit image outfit, fashion, and lace image
looking cute and sexy at the same time, if under a shirt or beingthe only thing covering your skin ;)

band shirts

grunge, alternative, and rose image fashion, style, and Pink Floyd image aesthetic, band logo, and bands image arctic, bands, and black image
wearing them oversized bandshirts as a dress and my day is perfect, no matter what will come

anything rainbow-like

yellow, red, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image girl, clothes, and outfit image 90s, aesthetic, and outfit image
because it´s colorful and fits summer perfectly
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