I have quite a detailed image of how I imagine the home of my dreams. Maybe, one day, I can make my dream come true.


My home would be the weird house at the end of the street, near the forest, hard to find. It stands on a meadow and there's a lake nearby. In spring and summer, flowers are blooming everywhere. I'd live in a house in the countryside, but not too far away from the city.

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I want a house that's not too big, but not too small either. It should have two floors. I'd love to have two bathrooms. On the first floor, a small one, with only a sink, toilet and a big shower. On the second floor, a big bathroom with big windows and the most beautiful view over the landscape. You can look out of the window while having a bath.

First Floor

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On the first floor are also the living room, the kitchen and a little office. My furniture would contain a lot of wood elements. And I love decor, so it won't be minimalistic. My living room needs to be big enough to dance around, but have to be very comfy. I'd love to have a fireplace.

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Living Room

The kitchen would also be the dining room. Like the other rooms, it would have big windows. I mean, what's better than cooking with a view?

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Kitchen / Dining Room

Second Floor

On the second floor would be the big bathroom (as you've already seen), the bedroom, and a room full of books. My own little library.
On the wall next to the staircase should be a photo gallery with pictures of friends, family, or just beautiful moments.

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Staircase with photo gallery

In the bedroom would stand a big bed with comfy blankets and pillows. I'd also have some carpets in the room. I love pattered ones. And some plants of course! The bedroom would be under the roof and I'd love to have wooden walls.

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The bedroom

I've read since I was a child and I just love books. A library is a safe place for my and I've always dreamed about having my own. So, there would be a little private library in my house.

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My house would also have some specials. I'd love to have a balcony, where I can eat breakfast in the morning. Also, a little garden where I can grow fresh herbs and some veggies. And, something that would be very cool, a basement with a small bar and a little stage with some guitars. Just for fun.

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Balcony, Herb Garden, Guitars

So, this is what I imagine my dream house to be like. I hope you enjoyed reading this article! I really like to read how other people want to live. If you've also wrote an article about your dream home, tell me!

Wish you all the best xx - Linda

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