So I have a lot of things I personally want to do after i finish school. I figured that all my ideas might could give some ideas to you.

👩🏼‍✈️1. Do conscription

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I really want to do conscription. In i 9th grade I was in the air force for 5 days trying it, and i loved it. Not that I am thinking about a career within the military. I just think you can learn a lot about yourself and so much more under the time of a conscription.

👩‍👧‍👦 2. Aur pair in France

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I have in a long time wanted to go to france and see their culture. I figured that doing 1 year or maybe more as our pair in France would be amazing. To actually live in the culture. I am also studying the the language of France the next 3 years and I can not wait.

👩🏼‍⚖️ 3. Studying law

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In the years I have changed mind about what i want to be as a grown up. I remember my mom saying that I once wanted to be a priest. Well that has changed. At the moment I would like to study law. I like discussing with b´people and come with my point of view of course with proof. Therefor I think being a lawyer would be perfect for me. I am also about to study social studies the next 3 years which is pretty common for someone in Denmark to study if they want to go that way.

✈️ Travel

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As many others I also want to travel the world. To see different cultures and just discover the world. I am not sure yet where I want to go. I do have some thoughts tho. I want to see the Sahara, see camels. I also would like to see a volcano. I like hiking too, so hiking different places with beautiful nature. And of course go to USA. A lot of people want that, and I am one of them.
After the the vaccation I am going to a gymnasium near me for the next 3 years, if you have not already got that. (studying french and social studies.)

Best regards Stine

I would love to hear you plans. If you want to share them with me, just send a message. :))