Two years ago we met
That is when our mind and heart set.
I brought colors to your life
I wanted to be your wife.

It was simple, yet crazy.
It was complicate yet daisy.
I got used to your touch
I didn't know it can hurt this much.

At each other we look
The way that every atom in our body shook.
I knew that I belong to you
Yet, I made mistake, one... or few.

I was your Moon, you were my Sun,
And yet, you said "We are done".
Done with a kiss,
which I now miss...
Done with a talk,
And you make your walk..
Out of my life...

So, I wonder now
'Cause my heart to you made a bow.
The pain and tears,they didn't go away.
Maybe 'cause I want you in my heart to stay.
Is there someone really smart?
If so, can you tell me how to fix a broken heart?