1. Wake up at 8:00 am
open my curtains
admire the tree in front
drink a big glass of water
take vitamin c
admire my beauty
sit in the sun and try to remember my dream

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2. Scroll through my phone
I go on tumblr, we heart it, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, news, Gmail and YouTube

3. Workout at 8:300 or 8:40
I follow Alexis Ren's Ab workout, Romee Strijd's butt workout and A leg workout by Chloe ting... i don't do this everyday.... I also like to do yoga after workout and if i need a break from doing schoolwork:)

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4. Have a shower at 9:00

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5. Clean room

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6. Have breakfast... my breakfast varies but usually I'll have eggs and a smoothie

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7. Time to go to my desk... usually at 10:30 -10:40... tidy up my desk, journal, make a to do list and start my schoolwork.... I'm homeschooled!
Make tea
check studyblr inspiration

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