Hi babiiies <3 Thank you so much for all the follows and hearts is love y'all so so much ! Whatever, I wanted to do this tag today because i'm a french girl and i listen a lot of French rap. I hope you'll like the songs and... Let's go :)


Accordé - Yannou JR
Aquarium - Jok'Air

blackandwhite, smoke, and jok'air image money, grunge, and pale image


Big Daddy Jok - Jok'Air
Bruxelles Arrive - Roméo Elvis

jok'air and bigdaddyjok image bruxelles, croco, and fr image


California Girl - Zola
Cartel - Timal ft. Meryl

Mature image lock, tess, and renoi image


Douce - O'Boy
Deutsche Qualitat - Mister V

couple, kiss, and neck image french, photography, and selfie image


Elle m'a eu - Ninho
Extasy - Zola

ninho, bestsong, and dis moi que tu m'aime image drugs, ecstasy, and mdma image


Fichu - Django
Fume à fond - Lorenzo

django, rap fr, and fichu image columbine, Rico, and lorenzo image


Godzilla - Hamza

pink, hamza, and fearofgod image aesthetic, body, and summer image


#HUH.mp3 - Prime
Honey - Zola

aesthetic, beautiful, and drug image yellow, honey, and aesthetic image


Intuition - Dadju
Indépendante - Jok'Air

bob marley, chloe kitembo, and clip image b&w, daddy, and boys image


Jodeci Mob - Hamza
J'suis dans l'Tieks - Damso

Mature image bruxelles, dems, and belgique image


Koussi Koussa - Kalash

Hot and kalash image bombe, bg, and b2o image


Lune de Fiel - MZ

clip, crew, and solo image black and white, couple, and feel image


Maradoué - Prime
Mon Suvet - Jok'air
Mosaique Solitaire - Damso
Motel - Ash Kidd

abs, beautifull, and boy image jok'air and bigdaddyjok image rap, damso, and ipsitÉ image aesthetic, coffee, and outfit image


Nenufar - Ash Kidd

ash kidd image ash kidd, claude bourgeois, and jay dreaming image


Ocean 2077 - Nelick
OK - Josman

alternative, french rap, and nelick image fire, man, and pastel image


Pasadena - Hamza
Petit Déjeuner - Mister V

celebrities, callmerabz, and lové image yvick, mister v, and le woop image


Quand viens la nuit - Nov

asian, dope, and sexy image


Réseaux - Niska
Rétro - Abou Tall

homme, rappeur, and niska image car, cadillac, and aesthetic image


Santana - Alonzo
Squale - Jok'Air

bear, flowers, and orange image Citations, french, and music image


Tu le C - Lorenzo
Tuba Life - Niska

lorenzo image commando, french, and francais image


Valey - Ash Kidd
Viano - Mister V
Vitrine - Vald ft. Damso
Vibes - Hamza

aesthetic, french, and handsome image nekfeu, sneazzy, and mister v image boy, Hot, and man image rap, belgique, and hamza image

That's the end of my article ! Really hope you enjoyed and please listen at least one of these songs.

Love you, have a good day <3