Favorite Male Character

tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image aesthetic, fandoms, and peter parker image grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image spiderman, tom holland, and Marvel image
Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Favorite Female Character

scarlet witch, icon, and Marvel image Marvel, Avengers, and scarlet witch image wanda maximoff, aesthetic, and Avengers image scarlet witch, wanda maximoff, and Avengers image
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Favorite Villian(s)

Image by Alejandro

Team Captain America or Iron Man

aesthetic, black panther, and black widow image
Team Iron Man

Favorite Avenger Movie

Marvel, Avengers, and black widow image
Avenger: Age of Ultron

Favorite MCU Movie

guardians of the galaxy and gotg image
Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Favorite Avenger

Avengers, smile, and barton image arrow, aesthetic, and black image neon, drink, and lean image Mature image
Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Favorite Guardian

Avengers, icon, and icons image aesthetic, hair, and hair dye image aesthetic, background, and galaxy image Avengers, icon, and icons image

Favorite X-Men

Marvel, phœnix, and x-men image Image by Alejandro red, aesthetic, and light image 80s, apocalypse, and cyclops image
Scott Summers/Cyclops

Favorite X-Men Movie

x-men and apocalypse image
X-Men Apocalypse

Favorite Serie

gif and marvel runaways image
Marvel's Runaways

Favorite Ship

Avengers, chris evans, and robert downey jr image Marvel and stony image stony image Avengers, Marvel, and tony stark image

Favorite Friendship

captain america, Marvel, and steve rogers image captain america, Marvel, and selfie image captain america, bucky barnes, and steve rogers image stucky image


drawing, fan art, and chris hemsworth image thor, loki, and chris hemsworth image drawings, edit, and chris hemsworth image thor odinson, loki laufeyson, and thorki image

Which Is Your Favorite Power

elizabeth olsen, scarlet witch, and wanda maximoff image
Wanda's power

Favorite Pair

x-men, cherik, and charles xavier image magneto, Marvel, and x-men image magneto and professor x image magneto, charles xavier, and friends image