Here's a list of all the boys in my life.

Boy 1: 4 in. taller, black hair, filipino, very tan, my first <3.
Religious, but not in a priest or pastor way.
Nice, never got mad at me.
Love me, he was really in love with me.
I think I was a player to him.
I miss him.

Boy 2: My height, brown hair, tan, caucasian, v pretty blue eyes, i hate him.
We were supposed to go to homecoming together, but he left me for someone else just because he wanted someone who is "easy" and he didn't like that I "wasn't about that life".

Boy 3: 1ft. taller, 2 yrs younger, brown hair, caucasian, v funny, v mean, he was mistake.
We went to homecoming together. He knew what my feelings were and took advantage of them . I don't think he had any intention of loving me back.

Boy 4: 6 or 7 in. taller, caucasian, brown hair, v mean to me, v verbally abusive to me, made me do things.
Whatever "we" were, was a mistake. I'm low-key scared of him. He is my regret.

Boy 5: 5 in. taller, 3 or 4 yrs. younger, hispanic, dirty blonde hair, v troubled.
He sent me a video once, and I think it had an opposite effect on me than I wanted. I low-key love him, but I can't. He's a sad lil'pup and I just want to take care of him, but I also want to punch him as hard as I can sometimes.

Boy 6: 7 or 8 in. taller, candaian, brown hair, blue eyes, braces, v annoying.
We went on like 3 dates, 2 of which he brought a friend and didn't speak a word to me or look at me or anything. Super weird and very dumb. I don't care much or appreciate him much at all.