where do i see myself in ten years?

i see myself living in a small comfortable apartment all to myself. who knows maybe my best friend will be there with me too. for once my room will just as aesthetically pleasing as the pictures I've seen. plants would cover the whole apartment, everything from succulents, cactuses and palm trees.

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would i drive? i hope so but i wouldn't it use it so often. i would ride my bike to get to my destination or walk.

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this would all take place in new york of course but only when i'm not traveling. i wouldn't stay long, just a week or two before i travel again. one week i could be on top of the effile tower eating macaroons, the next weekend i could be swimming in bora bora. doing the thing i love, photography.

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photography would be my job as a living. all those years in nyu paid off.
i could even be apart of a magazine, writing about great places others could travel to, where the best places to eat, and the greatest sights to see.

i will have great friends who want nothing but the best of me. friends who will be there to support me through my big dreams. friends who will include me. who i'll share so many laughs, smiles and great memories with. i'd have a shoulder to lean on.

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is there a boy in this picture? who know. only time will tell. it's not on my mind at the moment. i don't need a guy beside me. i'm are doing fine on you own. but if the man comes walking along he will be great, i just know it. i deserve nothing but the best.

my heart would be happy. my physical and mental state would be doing great. everything would be so much better.

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you know why? cause you worked for everything you wanted. you reached for your dreams. when people said no you showed them many reasons why they should've said yes. you reached the top of the mountain, now look at the beautiful sight in front of you. take it all in. all the work paid off.

all those bad days will became bigger and brighter in the future. you held on to the better things and let go of the toxic ones.

you know whats right for you. you know what fits you and what doesn't. don't ever stop achieving for what you want. with the right mind set you'll reach nothing but great things. i mean look where you are now. you did so great.

but don't forget how you got here. thank the people who helped you on this ride. who helped you up when you triped, rolloed over in the dirt just to life you up, dust you off and lead you towards the right direction.

you are doing so great love. you did so great. i'm proud of you.

with love

your younger self