Hii everyone! I hope you are doing great! For today’s article, I decided to write about what I eat on a daily basis. I have talked about fitness a few times and this article was actually requested by someone (that does not want to be named) so here is what I eat in a day!

Disclaimer: I’m not a really healthy eater and I’m not aiming to lose weight, so I don’t know if I’d recommend this for you to eat everyday (if you are trying to lose weight or something), but I’m just sharing what I eat in a day :)

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Breakfast —

I balance a bit between eating oatmeal and a bagel with cream cheese, because my mom usually likes to buy fresh bagels and those don’t last up to three days where it still tastes good, so even if you toast it, it doesn’t taste that good (in my opinion) so on the other days I eat oatmeal. (Wow run on sentence, okaaaay.) Also, I just tend to eat something really quick (idk maybe I’ll write an article about recipes) because I eat literally ten minutes before I have to head to school.

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Lunch —

To be honest, the only days I really eat lunch is on the weekends. I have reasoning behind this though; so my grade eats lunch at 1:11 and after that is one more period left so I just eat when I get home ‘cuz I’m not even that hungry during school hours. Anyways, when I get home, I don’t even make myself a lunch or anything, I just eat snacks (and they’re at least healthy-ish). I’ve been really into carrots and guacamole lately so I’ve been eating a bit of that each day and if I’m still hungry (which I probably am), then I’ll eat “Pocky” (that Japanese (?) dipped stick kinda thing), and yeah, that’s pretty much my lunch.

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There weren’t any good photos of carrots 😅

Dinner —

(I skip snacks because my lunch is already snacks so I don’t really have to eat anything on top of that, ya feel me?) Anyways, for dinner, I usually just eat whatever my mom makes 😂. I don’t eat rice that much anymore because I don’t feel like it, so I’ll just eat the vegetables and meat (if there is any). I kinda want to go vegetarian, so maybe I will start pulling it out of my diet (?).

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Mulan being relatable thoooo (wait, that is Mulan, right?)

Pre-Sleep —

Before I go to sleep, I just chug down a bottle of water. I don’t really like water, it’s too tasteless, and flavored water just tastes so weird, but I also don’t want to drink juice or anything because I’m trying to be at least that healthy, so I’ll just drink some water because I feel like I’m obligated to (omf i know you will all come at me, I really can’t write properly today). And if I want a snack (after dinner; every child eats after dinner because they don’t eat during dinner haha), I’ll just eat some fruit (and right now it’s watermelon season 😃🍉).

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Well, that’s all for today’s article! I really didn’t know what to write because I am sometimes unaware of the things I eat but I decided to keep a food log for a few days just to see what on average i eat. If you have an article you want to see, don’t hesitate to message me, and I’ll see you all in my next article!

~ Caylie