I'm back again with yet another Article! Thanks for all the support all my latest article, which in 24 hours, it got featured in Articles apparently. I find this very fun to do and I love helping others. Anxiety is something I've suffered from for too long and I will not let it ruin my upcoming high school years and young adulthood. We all have our own methods on calming our Anxiety, and everything is different, but I'd like to share something that is in a way helpful for me. I'm still struggling with Overthinking, but it's a habit process we all can fix! I promise! Let's get started. :)

1. Essential Oil Bag ❀✿**

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I couldn't find many aesthetic examples of Essential Oils, but here are essential oil baths.

Essential Oils are a great way to help calm you, make you smile, and feel happy. There are many oils you can use to help it, but make sure you check with your doctor before hand use. Sometimes it causes a person's skin to break out and even some oils are toxic to animals, so please be careful with them. I have a cat and I don't put them near her, and treat my Anxiety in home with just water.

Essential Oils can either be diffused or placed on certain spots on your body. They can't be drank unless YOU HAVE a type that can be digested. Some spots on the body, you MAY put it on are behind the ears, on the wrist, around your temples, the sides of your neck, and on your stomach. Here are some great examples that are used for calming Anxiety symptoms, that I've found extremely helpful.

--Lavander Oil
--Peppermint Oil
--Rose Oil (Haven't tried yet, but in about 2 weeks I'll be purchasing this oil!)
--Lemon and Orange Oil (Be careful with these oils, since they typically only have a shelf life of about 9 months)
--Geranium Oil (I will be purchasing very soon as well, I have heard it's a great oil!)
--Ylang Ylang Oil (It promotes happiness for me the most, It doesn't calm me down much, but a neighbor of mine said differently.)
--Clary Sage Oil (I owned and felt it clear my mind a bit. I got a great night of sleep because of this oil as well!)

There are MANY more oils, you can look up but remember:

Too much research over Anxiety products can lead to more Anxiety

2. Mini Journal

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I wished my journals could HONESTLY look this pretty, like oh my gosh!

Sometimes things can just get very stressful! I'll start overthinking and think negative about places or trips I need to be. One way to unwind your thoughts and to stop stressing is just writing them out. Yes, I mean writing it out. As much as I love my phone, hand-writing it is the best way. You can still use your phone to write out your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude, but It just doesn't feel as special in my opinion. When my neighbors were moving away, I was so upset. They helped me through so much of my Anxiety and it hurt knowing they'd be about 7 hours away now. After writing out my pain and thoughts, I felt THE HUGEST difference. It took me an hour to let everything out, but once I did, i wasn't crying. I realized the root of why I was upset and realized how selfish I was being. It can be hard to realize the truth because the truth can be ugly, but you know what else is ugly?

Anxiety and Overthinking

3. Supplements 🌺

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honestly I don't find them as tasty as they look.

Yes, Supplements. Supplements can be medication, vitamins, or actual natural supplements at your nearby drug store. I personally don't take medication because prescription drug addiction runs in the family and I don't want to be that way. There are some great vitamins, supplements, and oil supplements you can take to help your Anxiety.

Here is some great examples:

--Rescue Remedy Spray : Can be ordered through Amazon and in some drug stores
--Newton Homeopathics - Nervousness~Anxiety : Ordered through Amazon or website
--Complex B Vitamins

If you're like me, I also get very bad stomach aches and issues with Anxiety. I recommend getting Pepto Bismol tablets or stomach ache chewables to help your stomach. Essential Oils can be very helpful with this and then some Vitamins can help stomach pain.

Also some stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, and etc.. May have Over The Counter Anxiety medication. I've seen 4 stars of some products at Walmart!

4. Podcasts/Music/Meditation

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these are so aesthetic omg!

There are many ways to distract yourself, especially in public. If you have earbuds or headphones with you, this is perfect for your emergency kit. First off, let's start off with Podcasts. Podcasts are great ways to calm you and it may seem boring, but I've enjoyed listening to them. There are many calming podcasts and anxiety podcasts. You can even listen to some podcasts that make you smile. but here are some anxiety podcasts, that you can check out!

--The Anxiety Coaches Podcast, which can listened to on Apple Podcasts
--Tim JP Colliins' Podcasts, if I'm not mistaken, it can viewed on both things. I just signed up for his toolkit and FREE 5 week online Anxiety course.
--Medication Minis with Chel Hamilton
--Anxiety Slayer
--Overwhelmed Thinking

There are TONS of Podcasts that I didn't mention, but some of these are AMAZING podcasts, that I recommend 100%

Let's head to Music!

For the music, this can be anything to you. It's what you like and I'm not going to tell you what to listen to. Listen to something that never fails to make you smile, or laugh. It's you and YOU have your own music taste. Some of favorite music, may be different from yours. That's okay, because were both unique and different people. I personally love K-Pop, older music, and Latino Music.

Finally, Meditation!

This won't be the final thing of this post, I got a few more things to go through, but before that, Let's discuss Meditation. The definition of the word Meditate says, "think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation."

Meditation can be MULTIPLE things. It can be a car drive and just thinking, It can be sitting quietly in your room thinking and removing away, it can be a guided assurance, it can be anything to you. I prefer Guided Meditations, even if my mind wanders off sometimes. It's okay if your mind starts thinking, it's normal. You're supposed to think during meditation and even if it's negative, It'll slowly go away. It's a process, but it's better than going through the anxiety longer. Here are some apps that are recommended by many people I know and personally some favorites of mine!

--Pacifica (Not only does this app have meditation, It has CBT, Breathing, and Chatrooms to talk to others about problems!)
--Smiling Mind
--10% Happier
--Insight Timer (I had it once, but deleted it since I got lazy)
--Aura (It's better on IOS than Android. The android version crashed constantly for me)
--Stop, Breathe, and Think

There are many more, but these are the most RATED apps. Let's move on to NEEDS!

5. Needs!! ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

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I'm not really girly, but here we go.

Some of you may not be too girly or too into makeup. I'm not really into makeup, but everytime I do put it on, I feel pretty which stops any negative thinking. Even if it's just mascara, lipgloss, or concealer, it makes me feel a lot better!

If you're not a MAKEUP person at all, that's okay! One thing that makes me feel blocked away in public with Anxiety is having sunglasses on since I always wear glasses. I think it's because it shades everyone and it makes me feel calmer. I don't know why, but I have successfully made it through family events wearing sunglasses.

6. Fidget Toys :3

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oH lOoK iT's A cRiNgEy TeEnAgEr

Some of you are probably about say, "What the hell?"
I find fidgets very helpful, especially to just stare at it spinning or doing it. It makes my hands do something, which is an easy way to distract myself. It doesn't have to be a fidget spinner, it can be a cube, it can be other toys, It can be a stress ball, It can be a hair tie, and I LOVE paper clips for some reason.

7. Sweet and Savory? ━━━♡

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Yes, I do all of these things.

With Anxiety, YOU can get the worst Dry Mouth to the point, where it's ALMOST making you sick, gag, or unable to eat. This happens to me often and because of this effect Anxiety left me, I chew gum on a daily basis. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Peppermints are pretty helpful for it, because it's helping you focus, stomach pain, and can be A TREAT for the mouth. I love ice breakers as well, I've never tried them for my dry mouth; but I love them anyways. Cough Drops are pretty cool too, I can't deny that! There is even ginger candy that exists, It doesn't taste great for me, but ginger helps the stomach so I recommend it.

8. Mists/Lotions ҉  ҉  ҉ 

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Anytime I have these on or with me, it helps me have a sense of calm. I have no clue why, but it makes me feel interesting. It could be the scent they have, making me like I'm satisfying people. I have no clue, but I recommend it for sure!

Now let me give you some reminders and other things

Smoking doesn't help Anxiety, It may make you feel cool but it's damaging your health and making it harder for you to breath. If you smoke, I'm sorry if this sounds offensive but It's a thing I learned.

STAY HYDRATED, Drink Water!! Water can help Lightheadedness and makes you feel very great. You can drink water with fruits in it as well, because it's beneficial for your Anxiety and Depression.

Make the most of your life! Make yourself do things, because if you don't face your fears, the worse they get. I let my Anxiety eating get so bad, that it's going to take a while to break the Anxiety of it.

Don't constantly stress over your Anxiety and go take yourself out. I had Anxiety getting my nails done, but I felt super good after it. The guy that did my nails was cute, so LIKE it calmed me oddly.

Talk to people about your Anxiety. Don't keep it to yourself. The more you keep things to yourself, the worse it will get. Open up to your family and friends. Get professional help if you need. If you don't trust a professional, trust a family member. Even if you're scared to speak out about.

Don't constantly think about your Anxiety and look up tips. The more you do that, the worse it'll get. It gets better, trust me. I still struggle with things, honestly. I have seen a LARGE difference of everything, but I'm still in recovery.

Have fun and remember, I love you and I'm open to talking!

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