Hello fellows! I want this article to go viral because I am dead serious when I say these shows have to be on Netflix. So let's get started! Dear Netflix...

Adventure Time

adventure time, sad, and princess bubblegum image adventure time, cartoon, and wallpaper image

Zoey 101

zoey 101 image food, zoey 101, and funny image

The Wizards of Waverly Place

funny, selena gomez, and waverly place image selena gomez and disney image

Drake and Josh

drake and josh, crying, and funny image drake and josh, nachos, and funny image


icarly, idiot, and funny image icarly image

Once Upon A Time

once upon a time, ginnifer goodwin, and ouat spoilers image once upon a time and emma swan image

Game of Thrones

gif, got, and game of thrones image badass, beautiful, and red hair image


couple, empire, and kiss image black, fox, and power image


Alright fellows, there are definetely waaaaay more. So get ready for part two, because it's coming soon.
xoxo Sam