30 day poetry challenge! @hstylesoulwt
Day 3: About a bad experience
PSA: my internet has been off for about two days and it finally came back on so i'm going to make for the time i lost so sorry about that
-xoxo yessie

it was a dark night.
after a long work shift, you offered to give me a ride home and i said alright.
you drove me to the wrong side of town.
little did i know, you were going to do something that would make me mentally drown.
you knew i trusted you, but you used it against me.
you didn't get that far, luckily.
but some people aren't as lucky as me.
some people sit in their bed wondering what they did to deserve having their body, their personal temple violated.
those are people who can never feel completely free.
because of monsters like you who prey on innocent people like them and me.
monsters like you, are dead to me.
and i hope someone who feels the same way or has been through something similar can read this and know, i'm here.
you don't have to live in fear.
be strong.
6/9/18 (instagram: okyessie)