Hello, lovely people, today, I'm gonna be showing you my bucket list for this summer.

I want to do so many exciting and adventurous things in the summer, but I always end up watching Netflix with a bag of chips beside me.

Hopefully, this will help me, and maybe inspire you too!

Learn a New Language

I love learning new things, and I really want to learn as many languages as possible. I'm currently learning Spanish, but I'd also like to learn Latin, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, and so on.

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Travel to Another Country

I want to travel the world one day. I love exploring new places and cultures.

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Having Endless Nights With My Friends

This is something I look really forward to, I'm already excited!

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Read a lot of Books

I love reading, and I want to read as many books as possible over the summer.

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I currently have a lot of writings projects going on. I have my book that I'm writing on Wattpad, and a lot of other things I don't even want to bother you with. But hey! If you want to read my book once I publish it, keep an eye on my Wattpad: 04alisa-johnson05

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Get a New Style

Do you know that feeling where suddenly all your 'old' clothes don't feel like your style anymore? That's how I feel right now, so I really want to just go out there and buy a whole bunch of nice clothing.

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Make People Happy

I want to make people happy this summer. Volunteer work, smiling to strangers, helping people.

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Wake Up Early to See The Sunrise

I don't like getting up early, but I really want to do this.

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Taste New Food

I'm in love with food, all different kinds of it, and I want to try more of it.

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That was all for this article. I'm so excited. I still have 17 days left of school, though. Anyway, I hope you liked this article<33