— GOOD EVENING ; shinee

gif, Onew, and lee jinki image
gif, minho, and SHINee image
gif, SHINee, and Taemin image
Even if you’re farther away than the sky, I’ll send my heart to the clouds on this night with the bright moonlight

— AIRPLANE PT. 2 ; bangtan

gif, bts, and min yoongi image
gif, bts, and rm image
A strange little boy; he sang like he breathed. It didn’t matter where, he just wanted to do music

— MIRROR ; stray kids

black and white, felix, and han image
asian, boys, and korean image
Reflected in the mirror, I’m a maze. My insides are reflected in my mirror. Where can I find it? For once I wish I could see myself, I keep looking for it

— SELFISH ; moonbyul feat. seulgi

gif, girl, and seulgi image
I wanna be selfish. I still have a lot of wishes, I don’t wanna adjust to the standards of the world. I’m better off doing it my way

— STRONG ; wjmk

gif, kpop gif, and cosmic girls image
gif, kpop gif, and cosmic girls image
I’m on my way with light steps, a cool breeze makes my heart flutter. What do I do with my heart? What do I do?

— JUMP ; shinee

SHINee image
I’m shaking my head, brushing it off, adjusting my heart, strongly protecting my place once again. I need to keep enduring, so I’m closing my eyes when I’m feeling empty for no reason

— CALL CALL CALL ; seventeen

boys, jun, and korean image
boys, jun, and korean image
Even if the world turns against you, until the very end, we’ll be together. I will protect you no matter what. Despite what anyone says, I’ll be right here


korean, umji, and sinb image
aesthetic, kpop, and mv image
The trembling stars are twinkling, but where are you looking at you? When it seems like it’ll disappear at any moment

— TO YOU ; yoona x lee sangsoon

gif, girls generation, and yoona image
gif, girl's generation, and snsd image
Strange, isn’t it? Unfamiliar flowers look at me and say hello


choreography, korean, and yuna image
gif, aöä, and chanmi image
Hey baby. Come on, don’t be shy, tell me about yourself, this fantastic feeling. Your eyes are nailed on me, focused on me. I can tell but I act like I can’t

— WIND ; bolbbalgan4

funny, some, and jiyoung image
funny, some, and jiyoung image
You are a wind man, a man of my own. You are a wind man. When the sun goes down, light the bright light and blow the fine wind.

— DRUNKENNESS ; bang yongguk

gif and yongguk image
When I turn the lights on in my room, will someone hug the lonely me? The ramen that I cook so badly, who will eat it with me now?

— SKYWORLD ; hyukoh

black, gif, and hyukoh image
Who would you save if your best mate and me are drowning? I’ll save my friend, 'cause you’re like a monk seal

— TOUCH IT ; cross gene

kpop, cross gene, and gif image
I think I’m bewitched by you, I think my heart has stopped. A little more, a little more, I keep burning up

— ALL DAY ALL NIGHT ; shinee

aesthetic, kpop, and SHINee image
aesthetic, kpop, and SHINee image
Like a long preview, we’re looking at each other inside this deep connection. The scene is showing your face again, I have no choice but to look at it

— I'M YOUR GIRL? ; khan

aesthetic, kpop, and girlgroup image aesthetic, kpop, and girlgroup image khan, the ark, and lgbtqa image aesthetic, khan, and kpop image
You don't even know what to say, I'll just continue to blink. You were so sweet, sweet time with you and me. It's awkward right now, we weren't drunk

— NO MORE ; uni.t

sonamoo, gif, and unit image
When you look at me like it's nothing, even words that don't mean much melt me. Why are you provoking me? Leave me alone, oh no, no more

— TRAVEL ; bolbbalgan4

girl and bolbbalgan4 image
I’m leaving for the airport today. I’m turning off my phone, please don’t look for me. Even if you shout loudly, I can’t help it, I’ll lightly wave my hand bye bye

— ANGEL ; iz

gif, vocal, and angel image
angel, kpop, and SHINee image
Are you an angel? If the blood that flows through your veins is red, this can’t be true. Are you an angel? If you don’t have hidden wings on your back, this can’t be true

— LOVE4EVA ; loona yyxy feat. grimes

gif and kpop image
kpop, kpop gif, and kpop mv image
kpop, yves, and chuu image
Again today, I’m looking at your timeline. You probably don’t know about my puppy love. I’m not brave enough, I can’t confess to you, what do I do? Maybe it’s better like this

ps. i know call call call by svt is technically jpop but it does sweeten my tea so