HII I'm back with my second article!!
Thank you guys soo much for the many likes at my previous article!
I was really happy! It really made my day (:

I'm not the only one who likes lookbooks right?
So I've made this outfits of the week article just to give you guys some inspiration.

DISCLAIMER: Those outfits ar not mine (I wish)

โ˜˜: MoNdAy

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People hate the monday. So I always keep it chill on monday. With a flared jeans and cute accessories.

โ˜˜: TuEsDaY

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I really like the tuesday. It is a tuesday today and it was really warm so on days like this I like to wear a cute dress.

โ˜˜: WeDnEsDaY

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A classy and sassy style on wednesday. I really like this style! It looks like you have you're life together even tho you haven't.

โ˜˜: ThUrSdAy

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Ugh I hate the thursday. Thursday is a long day for me. I have school and work on that day so I prefer to wear comfortable clothes.

โ˜˜: FrIdAy

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FRIDAYYYY!!! A lot of people like friday am I right? because I do. I put more effort on my outfits on friday.

โ˜˜: SaTuRdAy

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I have to work on saturday in the morning. So after work I like to do fun stuff with my friends. That's why I like to wear something nice and comfortable on saturday.

โ˜˜: SuNdAy

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Last on is sunday ofcourse. I want to dress nice and classy on sunday. Sunday is the day I always meet with my family. And my grandma has always something to say on my clothing. She would totally like something like this! But yeah you knowww..... I don't have someting like that.

So thats it! I started at 14:32 and it is 17:25 now.
thanks for reading!
X Rachel