Day 5: Write 5 facts about yourself

1. I am a big Sarah J. Maas fan

Only those who know me very well are aware that I am obssessed (kind of) with Sarah J. Maas books. I mean, I have most of her books on hand. Some books, I'm still saving up for and waiting for the release, but other than that, I've pretty much read every single book she ever has.

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I started to read her books ever since I stumbled upon a video recommending 'A Crown of Midnight' and since I had nothing else to read, I researched more of that and found that it was the second book in the series 'A Throne of Glass' and from then on I'd started reading her books.

My favorite so far is Queen of Shadows in the Throne of Glass Series
And in the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series, my most favorite is A Court of Mist and Fury. Both are very interesting and you'll get scenes that you most probably didn't expect in the Sarah J. Maas world.

2. I am very into arts & crafts

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This doesn't need much explanation lol. When I say I am very into arts & crafts, it means I enjoy doing diy gifts for the people who matter to me, I like to collect art materials so I'll be able to make scrapbooks or other crafts. I search youtube most of the time to know more things I can make for other people. That's pretty much what it means. hehe.

3. I like collecting journals

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I like collecting journals. I never knew I liked collecting journals until I realized I buy too many journals than what I normally need. And I never run out of new journals since I always have a spare.

4. I love to sing

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Since I was younger, I always enjoyed singing. I use it as an outlet when I'm upset or when I'm not in a good mood. Singing helps me get the emotions out when I can't speak for myself.

5. I love to write stories

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Whenever there's something in my mind that I can't express into words, that I can't let out using songs, I write it. And most of the time, I make stories out of it. Most of the time, the writing helps.

That's all for now, I guess. There's still more to come, so don't worry :>

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